About Us

‘Hey Art, What’s Good?’ was founded and is run by Alice Smith, Rosie Stronach, Ellie Clark and Amy Smith. Alice and Rosie have been the more involved members, hosting most weekly episodes, with Ellie and Amy making occasional appearances and helping behind the scenes. We’re spread across the North East of England, coming from Newcastle, Gateshead, Whitley Bay and North Shields. We love the North East and strive to shine a spotlight (hold up a microphone??) to the diverse and eclectic range of creatives in the region!

Alice and Rosie met at university in Leeds doing different artistic courses, and when they came back to Newcastle they realised they didn’t know what was going on with the arts scene in their hometown. 

The podcast started in June of 2018 in response to the wide variety of art available to us during that summer due to the Great Exhibition of The North. Regardless of the triumphs and failures of GETNorth 2018, the HAWG ladies used this as an opportunity to become more familiar with art spaces and communities in the North East.

Alice works at a production studio in Newcastle and so, with access to a fully-equipped podcasting studio they endeavoured to find out and create a podcast about the art they found. (We are so grateful to Tim and TLMultimedia for graciously letting us use the equipment out of work hours!)

Another core goal of the show was to make talking about art as down-to-earth as possible, disliking the wordy and overly critical voices that talked about art at university. Our emphasis is on ‘what’s good’, venturing to include a positive focus throughout our critiques.We believe that in order for the arts to become as accessible as possible they should encourage open and transparent conversation. 

We would love to work with you!

Obviously a lot has changed recently as galleries aren’t open and access to studios and art spaces are limited – but there’s still a lot to talk about!

We love hosting chats with artists, curators, galleries, collectives and creatives! If you have access to the internet, a webcam or headphones with a mic and something to tell us about please get in touch! 

Alice Smith

Freelance Photographer // Production assistant



Rosie Stronach

Freelance Artist // Environmental Activist

Rosie is a mixed media artist based in North Tyneside. Her practice is currently focused on the workings of the human brain in relation to neurodiverity and mental health. Alongside her artwork, Rosie’s work as an artist is an ongoing study into the theory of cultural capital.
After graduating University of Leeds in 2016 with a BA Hons in Art and Design, Rosie came back to her home of Newcastle to begin her career as an artist. Since then she has exhibited in group shows across the North East including at The Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Hun, Conny Arts festival, Vane, SAW and Nowt Special. She is currently working towards hosting a solo exhibition.


Ellie Clark




Amy Smith




Still want more? We’ve got a whole episode of introductions for you to enjoy!