l o w k e y a r t c l u b

hello and welcome to l o w k e y a r t c l u b

one of our ultimate goals is to help provide you with the tools you need to create a relationship with art that works for you. This is an experience which is uniquely to you. For that reason there are few boundaries in this art club. All people, mediums and methods are welcome. There is no strict deadline and no real guildlines. You have the freedom to submit whatever you would like whenever you would like,

it’s dead easy: simply make some stuff and share what you make using #lowkeyartclub and tagging us on social media

we will collect all the submissions and give you all a shout out on our Instagram. we will credit each work as we share it so if you wish to remain anonymous please let us know!

we accept any and all forms of creative expression including, but not limited to:
written word
DIY projects
dressing up

our part:
we will provide a creative prompt which you can respond to in any way you like.

we will share submissions on our Instagram

as we go, we are likely to give out random and spontaneous prizes so remember to be in it to win it!

your part:
participate as and when you like

spend as much time as you would like on your submission (not every act of creativity needs to be a masterpiece!)

share your submission on Instagram using the hashtag #lowkeyartclub and tagging us @heyartwhatsgood

show some respect: we have worked hard to create a safe little arty space on the internet so please be respectful of others. Anything that is needlessly offensive or upsetting will not be tolerated. Try’na keep things good over here.