Our Mission

HAWG-trioHey Art, What’s Good? believes that art should be inclusive and not exclusive. Too many times we have felt that artwork and art institutions are inaccessible to the masses and we want to help change that. Art should be for all: classless, without preference of gender, sexuality or race.

Here in the North East of England there is some really exciting contemporary art going on, so where better to start our mission than home!

We consist of a freelance artist, a filmmaker/photographer and a creative and use our perspectives, interests and skills to reach out to those around us. Our purpose is to inspire, both through our personal practices and through this project. Art should be more accessible and we know it can be! But it is the job of those within the arts to encourage those on the outside to step on in.

All are welcome here at Hey Art, What’s Good? There are no silly questions or wrong answers. Art is not about being right or wrong, Art is simply about engaging and seeing what’s good…