Episode 73 – Chatting about CRAFT with curator Michaela Wetherell

All the way back in February Alice and Rosie went along to the wonderful Thought Foundation, a cafe, community hub and art gallery over in Birtley, to check out their newest show CRAFT, curated by the amazing Michaela Wetherell. We were all geared up to get Michaela in the studio and talk to us about it, but then corona happened so we couldn’t do that. Instead of forgetting about it though we thought we’d get Michaela on the horn and talk to her about it anyways, hopefully painting a picture of some of the amazing artworks you could have seen.

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Here’s some of the stuff we talked about in this episode:


Episode 69 – Having a Chat with The Spaghetti Factory

For this week’s episode we had a sit down and a good chat with the two lovely ladies behind The Spaghetti Factory, Jenny McNamara and Evelyn Cromwell.

The Spaghetti Factory is a curatorial project which has evolved from one night only shows in their shared house, to currently curating a series of shows at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.

This was a lot of fun to record, so tune in to hear about their origins, their individual artistic practices, and what could be coming up next for this fab curatorial project.

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Hot New It! 2 is on at Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden until at least the end of March, so make sure you go along and check it out!

Also the girls have some work showing in Scramble which is opening at Pineapple Black in Middlesbrough on 13th March.

More information about The Spaghetti Factory.

Here’s links to some stuff we talked about this episode:



In this week’s episode Rosie begged the question ‘what would a curator’s hat look like???’ although she is an artist and not a curator, Rosie often has to put on her curators hat to describe to lovely listeners the curatorial decisions of the exhibitions we chat about!

A curator is the keeper of art at galleries and museums. Quite often it is their job to decide how artwork will be presented in a space. In some ways the curator is a bridge between gallery and artist as well as between artwork and viewer.

Just for fun, we would like YOU to tell us what a curators hat looks like! You can imagine one for your own head, Rosie’s noggin, a curator you know or an imaginary curator of your own invention! Your submission can be a drawing/doodle/painting/digital/an actual hat – anything goes! Art is art!

We’ve provided some templates as a guide but there is no need to use one if you don’t want to! The winner will be gifted a HAWG tote bag fresh off the presses!

Send in your submissions to Instagram/twitter or email us at heyartwhatsgood [at]

Good luck and have fun!

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