Field Trip 5 – Probiscidea Rappings by Ollie Dook at Humber Street Gallery

For this week’s episode we have our first Field Trip of 2020 (well technically we went in 2019 but, you know). Back in December we went on down to Hull, somewhere neither of us had ever been before, to check out the amazing Humber Street Gallery, and a preview they had on for a new show, Proboscidea Rappings. This exhibition was super interesting and v surreal, about the life and times of circus elephant Jumbo, who’s name we can attribute to being synonymous with ‘large’.

If you want to check this exhibition out it’s on until the 2nd February (and also a new one just opened which looks sick).

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Exhibition runs until 2nd February 2020.

Location: Humber Street Gallery

More information: here.