Episode 59 – Mikhail Karikis at MIMA with Elinor Morgan

For this week’s episode the girls went back along to the wonderful Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and had a chat with Senior Curator Elinor Morgan about their newest exhibition, For Many Voices by Mikhail Karikis. This exhibition is a survey of Karikis’s work over the past 10 years, and it massively employs the use of sound, documentary-style video, and a community focus.

“He employs listening as a form of activism, tuning into voices that operate beyond mainstream frequencies. In the past decade, he has shifted how he works, from creating a space in which others participate in the work to one in which they become co-producers. The resulting projects highlight alternative modes of solidarity and action, while nurturing attention, dignity and tenderness. “

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You can find out more information about this exhibition on the mima website.

Location: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Episode 44 – Liquid Crystal Display with Laura Sillars

For this episode, the girls popped down to Middlesbrough to have a chat with Laura Sillars, Director of the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (Mima), all about one of their current exhibitions ‘Liquid Crystal Display‘. This exhibition looks at crystals in a range of different forms, namely ‘liquid’, and the different contexts in which we as human beings interact with them on a daily basis. It was awesome having a chat with Laura and great to get some further insight into the show and how it was put together.

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The exhibition runs until 16th June 2019.

More information: here.

Location: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art