Episode 66 – Under the Eaves by Ellen Ranson

For this week’s episode we went down to Hartlepool Art Gallery to check out Ellen Ranson’s (of Conny Art Festival fame) solo show, Under the Eaves. This mint display of abstract expressionism really was our cup of tea and we had such a fab time checking it out!

Abstract expressionism is emblematic of these issues, whereby female artists of the era were marginalised and disregarded, whilst male artists rose to prominence. This blueprint can be applicable to contemporary patriarchal power structures. The artists’ work aims to perform the arrogance and ego associated with the Abstract Expressionist male archetype.

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Exhibitiom runs until 14th March 2020

Location: Hartlepool Art Gallery

More information: here.

Cats Pyjama’s

Episode 40 – Whistler and Nature at Laing Art Gallery

For this week’s episode we were kindly invited along to the Laing Art Gallery to check out their newest exhibition, ‘Whistler and Nature’, which looks at the works of James Abbott McNeill Whistler (who we’ve affectionately nicknamed ‘Jam’). He spent most of his life in Europe and captured it through striking etchings, prints and paintings.

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More information about the exhibition: here.

Location: Laing Art Gallery

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 17:00, Sunday 14:00 – 17:00